I don't understand. How can it be legal to have access to all of these movies and TV shows and not have to pay my cable company or monthly subscription service?
Tickbox TV™ is legal. It does not archive, host, store or distribute any kind of media or content. Tickbox TV™ is only a directory or library of content which is hosted by third parties on the internet.  The Tickbox TV™ acts as a receiver, allowing you to access streams and play them on your television.  It does not download anything. Tickbox TV™ does not condone parties who pirate or download copyrighted media and this box is not to be used for such purposes. Tickbox TV™ is 100% legal.  It is legal to stream content.  It is illegal to download copy written material.

Will Tickbox TV™ work in my state or area?
Tickbox TV™ works anywhere there is an internet connection.  It works in every country around the world.
After I purchase the box, will there ever be any monthly fees?
There is only a one time purchase fee for Tickbox TV™.  We will not charge you any monthly fees.
What TV shows and movies can I see for free?
You can see almost every movie and TV series ever made.  You can even access movies and shows that are still on Demand and episodes of TV that were just aired.  You will never pay to watch any of them.

How much does Tickbox TV™ cost?
The cost of Tickbox TV™ WAS lower than most boxes on the market at $149.95 but it is NOW available with a 40% discount at a 1 time fee of $89.95
Can I watch live TV? What channels will I get?
You can definitely stream Live TV with the Tickbox TV™. There are hundreds of channels around the world that can be accessed.

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If you're sick of paying high monthly fees and expensive bills for your regular cable bill and premium cable channels...

Or if you're tired of wasting money with online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime...

Get ready to cut the cord, because TickBox TV™ is exactly what you're looking for!

Simply plug the Tickbox TV™ into your current television and enjoy unlimited access to ALL the hottest TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters and LIVE sporting events in one convienent little device...

Here’s how TickBox TV™ works:

Effortlessly connect Tickbox TV™ to your television, turn on the device, and explore the largest online media library on the planet!

Tickbox TV™ searches the internet where it will locate and stream, virtually any television show, hollywood movie, or live sports event you want to watch...

The TickBox TV™ comes fully loaded

with an Android 6.0 operating system, google play app store, and Kodi media player.

What separatesTickbox TV™ from other Smart TV boxes like Amazon Fire ™ or Apple TV ™ is that with the Tickbox TV™ you have access to all the apps on Google Play ™ including Kodi!

It has a fast Quad-Core processor, Penta-Core graphics processor, 8GB EMMC FLASH, SDRAM 1GB DDR3, Wi-Fi, and Hardware 3D Graphics Acceleration.That makes Tickbox TV™ the most powerful and versatile android box on the market.

With high speed internet you'll never have to worry about the video skipping, buffering, or stalling like lesser quality android boxes...

... and you get to enjoy your favorite shows and movies, completely uninterrupted,in pulse pounding high definition quality.

Watch in 720p, 1080p, and even4K ULTRA HD Quality!

It's like owning a library of every movie, TV series and live program... that's updated EVERY day!

Relax with some popcorn and catch the latest hollywood blockbuster from the comfort of your own home.

Live stream over 50,000 live radio stations or access full albums from your favorite recording artist... finally cancel your spotify or satellite radio subscription saving hundred of dollars a year!

Access YouTube, Facebook, Play Classic Video Games, or Surf your favorite websites directly on your television with Tickbox TV™!

Plug a USB or portable HDD into the Tickbox TV™ and scroll through personal pictures or watch home movies!


Make any TV a SMART TV!Easy to Use Remote Control and Keyboard.

Tickbox TV™ supports an optional elegant digital keyboard remote control, that makes navigation easy and hassle free.

Designed to work the same as your laptop keyboard, the Tickbox TV™ remote allows you to quickly stream your favorite movies and shows or surf the internet with ease.

Forget about wasting time with a slow moving cursor...

... you'll never have to struggle with individually selecting letters on your television like with every other android box.

TickBox TV™ was designed with a user friendly experience in mind!

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Our CLient’s Testimonials

I love movies but I pay over $200 per month on cable bill and subscriptions.
Henry K
To watch every tv series that I like I have to have a subscription to Netflix at $120 per year and a subscription to Amazon Prime for $99 per year. That doesn't even count my $1,300 per year in cable bills.
Ashton M
I studied in Europe for a semester in college and got hooked on European soccer. You can never find the games that you want to watch on cable. I can now get ever game, every day for all my favorite European teams.
My wife rents every new ON Demand movie that comes out at $5.99 per movie. This was getting crazy.
Fred J
We used to not be able to find enough movies and appropriate tv shows for our kids. Now we have every kids show and kids movie available to us 24/7
Ok, after purchasing our Tickbox TV™, we figured that we have saved over $180 per month in cable bills and monthly subscriptions, that's over $2,100 per year.
James T